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api = Your Secret API Key
invoice = Invoice ID
amount = Amount of Coins

Request Method: GET

Note: Invoice can be any string that will be generated in your application. All generated Invoices will be stored in your API. Duplicate Invoice IDs aren't Allowed!

Generate Payment Receiving Address
  Request URL: https://gateway.kingscoin.org/lib/request.php
  Request Example: https://gateway.kingscoin.org/lib/request.php?api=f46bfc94c73b11916c8ac6922426cdd8&invoice=60c202377476eed5&amount=100
  Return Value:
  Address = Address for receiving payment
  0 = Invalid API
  1 = Invoice already exists
  2 = Invalid Request

Check Payment Status
  Callback URL: https://gateway.kingscoin.org/lib/return.php
  Request Example: https://gateway.kingscoin.org/lib/return.php?api=f46bfc94c73b11916c8ac6922426cdd8&invoice=60c202377476eed5
  Return Value:
  0 = Unpaid
  1 = Paid
  2 = Partially Paid
  3 = Invalid Invoice
  4 = Invalid Request