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What is Kingscoin Payment Gateway?
  Kingscoin Payment Gateway is an application that is used to accept Kingscoin coin for payments in websites. It's been made from scratch without touching any existing source, with a brand new mechanism! It's still under development but the beta version is stable enough for testing/using.

How does it work?
  Firstly, a user needs to generate an API key using his Kingscoin address. The address is stored permanently with API, it can't be modified or deleted. When a user sends requests using the API, the system verifes the request, then generates a payment address or sends error status. After a successful payment, the system sends the funds to the owner of API. It doesn't hold anything, just works as a middleman.

What does the API do?
  API is used for generating payment address, verifying payment status and sending funds to API owners account.

Can we edit or delete address of API?
  No! When anyone generates API Key using an address, the address is stored permanently with the API. Users can't modify or delete the address. If you need to change your address, just generate a new API Key using your new address!

Is there any fee?
  There is a small fee of 5 KGS per transaction to cover the transaction fee and server fee when the system sends KGS to owner.